CS Intermediate

CS students who are currently in 235, have a resume that needs editing, very little Github activity, are in the early stages of personal projects, have a linked in account with little info / activity, or have no internships.

  • Individual Projects

    • Refine and polish your projects further

    • Focus on learning new languages (not C++)

  • See an advisor to confirm your course load and plan out semesters. Hunter Resources here.... 

    • We have suggestions related to your courses

      • Apply / refine your knowledge of 235 (Data and Algorithms) as much as possible 

      • Proficiency in at least one programming language 

      • Continue to build relationships with professors by speaking with them outside of class 

  • Programming Competitions and Hackathons

  • Epermits

  • Scholarships

  • Conferences

  • Resumes

    • Refine and polish your resume further

  • LinkedIn

  • Conferences 

    • Start looking into conferences that relate to your skill level and interests 

  • Clubs

    • Great way to connect with students to talk about projects and career goals. 

  • Programs

    • See what programs relate to your skill level and degree completion level   

  • Scholarships 

    • See what scholarships relate to your skill level and degree completion level 

  • Preparing for Jobs 
  • Internships 

    • Start looking for internship opportunities.  Even if you are not qualified use that information to focus your activities. 

If you feel you have accomplished the above, we recommend you review Expert level information.   Found here...

Full list of our Job Search and Interview Information

Find the full list of all the content on the CS Handbook here...

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