CS Beginner

If you are completely new to Computer Science, we have provided areas of focus that will help you prepare for moving up the next level of experience. It is not necessary to follow this information in any particular order, but we do recommend you focus on these areas before you move on to "intermediate".

  • See an advisor to review course load and plan out your semesters. Hunter Resources here...

    • We have suggestions related to your courses

      • At least one CS and one core math course

      • Build understanding of formal logic

      • Discrete mathematics course

      • Read and understand code clearly

      • Become familiar with version control

      • Debug, Debug, Debug

      • Become familiar with a new Comp Sci professor every semester. Go up to them after class and introduce yourself. This will come in handy for recommendation letters in the future. Do this every semester.

  • Individual Projects

    • Please review this page and start thinking about individual projects that you will want to work on in the future. Building on what you are working on in your classes helps.

    • Think about how you can focus projects around learning new languages (not C++) 

  • Github

    • Start a Github account that will help you with classes and your individual projects.

  • Database Tutorial

  • LinkedIn

    • Start a LinkedIn account that can be structured and ready for when you have more information to add

  • Resume

    • Start a Resume so that it can be structured and ready for when you have more information to add

  • Hunter CS Clubs
    • See about joining a club to help meet other students and reach your goals 

  • Programs
    • Some programs are focused on earlier year students so it will be good to apply early. 

  • Hunter CUNY 2X Resources 

If you feel you have accomplished the above, we recommend you review Intermediate level information. Found here...

Full list of our Job Search and Interview Information 

Find the full list of all the content on the CS Handbook here....

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