An industry mentor, or multiple mentors, can really help you prepare for the job market. If you struggle to build a personal project, need mock technical interviews, or have other concerns, professional software engineers can help you. Below are organizations that can connect you to mentors. Merit and Techquitable Futures are only for tech roles, and City Mentors has many software engineers on board. Other organizations can help many types of students prepare for the job search.

Mentors can easily contribute to one's network, so having more than one mentor is worth considering.

Take a look at the below programs, and get a feel for having a mentor by signing up

Tech Specific


Merit is a mentorship & career advice platform for folks entering tech. Book video sessions with senior engineers in the industry to get resume feedback, practice interviewing and learn how to build portfolio projects. It's free to use. Sign Up Here


Techquitable is a free 10-week fellowship program pairing college students from underrepresented backgrounds interested in software engineering with mentors at top companies in the industry to receive interview prep and mentorship. Cohorts will be twice a year, starting mid February and mid August. Each cohort is about 10-15 students. Look to for the opening of their next cohort! If you have any questions, please reach out to .

City Mentors (Includes Tech)

City Mentors (part of City Tutors) connects undergrad and new grads to professional mentors in their desired industry. They have new partnerships with IBM, Bloomberg, Google, Goldman Sachs, and Visa. To be paired with a mentor, complete the form here.

CUNY Specific

Diverse Influencers

Diverse Influencers Empowers CUNY freshmen and sophomores to launch their careers in business and technology fields. Explore the options here


America Needs You (ANY)

ANY's Fellows Program gives students tools such as help with interviews, networking, and development of other professional soft skills. As part of this program, fellows are paired with mentors that give them customized help. Find out more here.


INROADS has an internship program for students in Business, Liberal Arts, and STEM degrees that offers many services including professional mentorship and one to one coaching. Their website can be found here.

Project Basta

Project Basta's fellowship provides support for students who are the first in their family to complete a degree program; prior to graduation, they receive personalized professional support. More info here.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

MLT's Career Prep program has a track specifically for Software Engineering, wherein successful applicants, among other benefits, can take advantage of 18 month one-on-one coaching. MLT's website and further info on Career Prep is here.

Modern Guild

Aiming to be a professional development service specifically for learning development skills, Modern Guild's program is invaluable. They aim to mentor as diverse a body of students as possible, whether this is students of color, LGBTQ+, and students with disabilities. Find out more here.

SEO Career

In addition to SEO's internship program, the company also has a program called Tech Developer, where Black, Latinx, and Native American students can cultivate their skills and get mentorship from many leaders in the industry. Full details are here.


Skillfully is a service that gives learners exercises and places them in like-minded cohorts on the way to speaking with top employers based on the skills they have learned. Find out more on their website here.

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