Recruiters should be able to find pertinent info on your resume with ease. 

  • PDF format

  • 1 Page

    • 10 - 12 Point font

    • Adding more items that do not exemplify the items below will not help you

  • Clean, simple, consistent, bullet-pointed

  • Action (Insert action word) [X], situation (the tasks you performed ) [Y], and the result of your actions (include numbers) [Z]

  • Contact information

  • References upon request

Resume Structure 

  • Education

  • Projects

  • Work Experience

  • Activities / Leadership

  • Honors / Awards

Education: Your education should be the first section of your resume 

  • Post-secondary school(s) attended

  • Degree / Major / Minor

  • Graduation month and year

  • Grade Point Average (optional)

  • Relevant Coursework

  • Technical Skills

    • List in order of proficiency

    • Do not put languages you are not knowledgeable of. Interviewers may ask you to code in them.


Again, focus on your impact.

  • Action (Insert action word) [X], situation (the tasks you performed ) [Y], and the result of your actions (include numbers) [Z]

  • Specify which are school vs. personal

  • Technical skills gained: "Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Go" Within each subsection, the skills should be listed in strongest competencies to weakest

  • Link to project on Github or webpage (if applicable)

Work Experience: 

Focus on your impact!

  • Include employer, position, dates employed

  • Keep bullet points clear, concise, and descriptive

  • Consider relevant experiences

  • Action (Insert action word) [X], situation (the tasks you performed ) [Y], and the result of your actions (include numbers) [Z]

  • Including nontechnical positions can showcase your experience in practicing professionalism, a trait desired in the workspace

Activities / Leadership:

Tell us what excites you.

  • Clubs and organizations

  • National society chapters

  • Programming competitions & hackathons

  • Industry internships

  • Teaching Assistantships

  • Research opportunities

  • Open Source projects

Honors / Awards: 

What, in addition to what you've already shared, sets you apart?

  • Distinguished academic awards

  • Speaking engagements

  • Presentations & publications

  • include selectivity if available

Common Pitfalls

Additional Resources

The information above is brought to you by CUNY 2X staff.  

Once you have reviewed all of the above,  we recommend you visit Career Services to have your resume reviewed. 

Hunter East 805

212 - 772 - 4850 for an appointment

Walk ins Weds 9 - 5

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant Tracking Systems are automated processes that the vast majority of large companies use to scan submitted resumes/CVs and isolate the ones that best match the positions. Often, qualified applicants will be overlooked due to not using keywords recognized by ATS.

The website Jobscan allows users to submit their resume and optimize its format to best match that of the ideal per Applicant Tracking Systems.

Another online tool is RezRunner, which follows the simple format of entering the job title, pasting the job description, and uploading one's resume to reformat accordingly.

Full list of our Job Search and Interview Information 

You can find a full list of all the pages on the Handbook here..... 

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